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Welcome to Jeffco Sports Cooperative


Jeffco Sports Cooperative is a partnership between South Jeffco Sports Association and Bear Creek Junior Sports Association for Spring Baseball, Fall Baseball and Spring Minors Baseball.



If you are interested in Umpiring for the 2018 Minors Baseball season, please register now on  Space for this program will be limited to the first 75 applicants. The jobs will be advertised to all registered 7th and 8thgraders in the South Jeffco, Bear Creek, Alameda and South Metro Areas. In past years, these spots have filled very quickly so if you are interested, register right away!
If you are interested, you will need to:

  1. Pass a written test on all levels of Minors baseball Rules (T-Ball thru Modified Kid Pitch)
  2. Attend a MANDATORY CLINIC on Saturday, March 17th at 10AM at Ken Caryl Middle School.
  3. Supply the Midget Baseball Program with a W-9 form
  4. Purchase an Umpire Uniform Shirt (under $25)

There is no charge to register to become an umpire. The salary is $15 per game, however, the games are self-assigned on a first-come, first-served basis, so there is NO GUARANTEE that you will receive any number of games to work.
NOTE TO PARENTS: THIS IS A JOB OPPORTUNITY FOR YOUR CHILD! Unlike registering for a sport that we offer, where your child is guaranteed to participate, we are NOT able to guarantee that he/she will get 0-2 or 15-20 games per season although it is possible to do so. The system is set up such that if he/she is not sitting at the computer, ready to self-assign at the designated time, they may not have any games on the initial schedule. However, if they are patient, games will become available throughout the year.

Please contact the South Jeffco office if you have any questions.


Darcy Rothrock- Minors Baseball Umpire Coordinator



Fall Baseball Registration

Colorado's largest fall baseball program will open registration mid-June!

by posted 05/16/2018
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Field Status
Airplane - Englewood OPEN (6/18) 
Clement #1 - Littleton OPEN (6/18) 
Clement #12 - Littleton OPEN (6/18) 
Clement #13 - Littleton OPEN (6/18) 
Clement #2 - Littleton OPEN (6/18) 
Clement #3 - Littleton OPEN (6/18) 
Clement #4 - Littleton OPEN (6/18) 
Dante (Lilley Gulch 4) - Littleton OPEN (6/18) 
Dante (Lily Gulch) - Littleton OPEN (6/18) 
Easton North E-1 - Littleton OPEN (6/18) 
Easton North E-2 - Littleton OPEN (6/18) 
Green Gables Park - Lakewood TBD (6/18) 
Jim Hoida Memorial Park - Lakewood OPEN (6/18) 
K&E batting cages #1 - Littleton OPEN (6/18) 
K&E batting cages #4 - Littleton OPEN (6/18) 
KC Community Park - Littleton OPEN (6/18) 
KE 1 - Littleton OPEN (6/18) 
KE 2 - Littleton TBD (6/18) 
KE 3 - Littleton TBD (6/18) 
KE 4 - Littleton TBD (6/18) 
KE 5 - Littleton TBD (6/18) 
Ken Caryl Middle School - Littleton OPEN (6/18) 
Ken Caryl MS North - Littleton TBD (6/18) 
Ken Caryl MS South - Littleton TBD (6/18) 
Lakewood Link Park - Lakewood OPEN (6/18) 
Lakewood Park #1 - Lakewood OPEN (6/18) 
Leawood Park - Littleton TBD (6/18) 
Linderer - Littleton OPEN (6/18) 
Moseley - Littleton OPEN (6/18) 
Peak North - Littleton OPEN (6/18) 
Peak South - Littleton OPEN (6/18) 
Ray Ross Park # 1 - Lakewood TBD (6/18) 
Ray Ross Park # 2 - Lakewood TBD (6/18) 
Ray Ross Park # 3 - Lakewood TBD (6/18) 
SAC #1 - Lakewood OPEN (6/18) 
SAC #2 - Lakewood OPEN (6/18) 
SAC #3 - Lakewood OPEN (6/18) 
SAC #4 - Lakewood OPEN (6/18) 
SAC #5 - Lakewood OPEN (6/18) 
SAC #6 - Lakewood OPEN (6/18) 
Shaw - Littleton OPEN (6/18) 
SUMMIT RIDGE MS - Littleton OPEN (6/18) 
Wayside Park - Littleton OPEN (6/18) 
Weaver Hollow - Morrison OPEN (6/18) 
West Bowles Community Ch - Littleton OPEN (6/18) 
Westgate - Lakewood TBD (6/18) 
Woodmar Park - Littleton OPEN (6/18) 
Recent Results
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