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Tiny Mite Tackle  Football Rules

Legal Players- Any player that is about to enter the first grade in the fall of 2013.  We do allow kindergartens to play up, but this must receive approval from your area director.
Playing Field- Games are played on a 60x40-yard field.
Gear- each player must wear a game jersey and pants with all pads, helmet with facemask, shoulder pads, molded rubber cleats and a molded mouthpiece that connects to the facemask. Rib pads and elbow pads are optional. No jewelry.
Playing Time- Each game will consist of 4 –15 play quarters. Half time will be a 10-minute break. All plays will count except for an accepted penalty and point after attempt. Each team will hire a play counter to track plays and give the referee a 5 play warning for each half that the referee will pass on to each sideline. Each player will play a minimum of 18 plays per game. All special teams, offensive and defensive plays that did not include an accepted penalty count as a play towards the minimum play count.  
Roster- Each roster will be set by a blind draft after all recruits have been placed. There are no maximum amount of recruits unless a coach has recruited more than a roster will reasonably allow i.e. 18/20 is cap. 

Weight Limits - Unlimited weight with no restrictions on any positions.
Practice Schedule- Each team will have a maximum of two (2) practices and up to two hours per practice; including warm-up time.  Practice will start August 25, 2014.
Game Schedule- Each team will play a minimum of 6 games with a Jamboree tournament at the end of the season. All games will be played on Saturday afternoons.  The Jamboree Championship Series will be played the Saturday following the 6th game of the season.
Rules- Any rule not mentioned defaults to the NFHS 11-man rule book. Tiny Mites will not follow any jersey numbering rules. Any position can wear any number. The football size will be the K2. A typical coin flip awards the first possession. Each team is allowed 2 timeouts per half. One coach is allowed on the field for each team at all times.  Regular 11-man football rules apply i.e. All 60 yard rules apply.
There will be no kickoffs or field goals. After a score the team with possession will start at their own 25-yard line. All run  / pass point after attempts are from the 3-yard line. All punts are free kicks with no defensive rush but must be declared by the offense and the referee counts off 15 yards from the kicking teams LOS. If a team declares to punt they cannot fake punt. Quick kick punts are allowed but this is not declared and the defense may rush.  
NO BLITZING ALLOWED AT THE INITIAL START OF PLAY (SNAP).  We are teaching these kids to play football NOT blitz when these lineman cannot block a blitz. Delayed blitzes are allowed as long as the blitz occurs 3 yards deep.
Defensives NOT ALLOWED between the 25 to 25 yard lines: 7-1 Diamond and 10-1 Gap.
Defensives that are ALLOWED: 33, 34, 42, 43, 44, 52, 53, 62, and 63.
All cut blocking must be immediate and only against defenders aligned inside the FREE BLOCKING ZONE (from tackle to tackle).  Players that execute a cut block must be aligned on the line of scrimmage.
One man in motion is legal as long as the motion is backwards or parallel with the line of scrimmage and the player in motion is off the line of scrimmage at the start of the said motion. Shifts are legal as long as all players set for one second prior to the snap.
If a player that is advancing the football has one knee touch the ground then that player is down at that spot.
Penalties- False start, off sides, delay of game, illegal advancement of the football - 3 yards from the previous spot. Offensive or defensive holding, pass interference, hands to the face, facemask, clipping, hurdling or tripping- 7 yards from the spot of the foul. Unsportsmanship, late hit, chop block - 9 yards from the previous spot. All penalties if accepted will replay the down. If a player or coach is ejected from a game then it is a one week no review suspension.
Scoring- A touchdown is 6 points and an extra point via run is one (1) point, via pass is two (2) points. A safety is two (2) points.
Overtime- Time permitting; overtime shall be played per the NFHS overtime system from the 10 yard line.
Tournament- A post-season tournament will be scheduled for the weekend following the last regular season game.